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company introduction

Design, Construction, Repairing/Maintenance,Technical Service & Manufacturing

Building Automation
Total automation for environment, disaster prevention, electric system from instrument, central controller including IBS at office building, bank, government office, museum, public building, hotel, gymnasium, school, hospital, department, apartment and etc.
Industry-Environmental Automation
Total control for high-tech industry at semiconductor factory, pharmaceutical factory, clean room, research institute and etc.
Repairing / Maintenance
Economic and efficient management and energy saving for innovating automation system at aged facility,
Technical Service
Technical service for design, test-driving, adjustment, inspection from Automation system
Manufacturing of the water level controller, inverter controller, DCC, control panel and stand-alone central monitoring


  • Building Automation
  • Industry-Environmental Automation
  • Repairing / Maintenance
  • Technical Service
  • Manufacturing


  • Plant, Industry & Sewer
  • Office, Commerce, Art & Government building
  • Residential Facility, Education Facility
  • Hotel, Hospital
  • Golf Course, Condominium & Gymnasium
  • Airport & Subway
  • Research Institute, Telephone Office
  • Department & Distribution Center
  • Courthouse & Library
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